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10th & 11th August 2024
09:30am - 16:30pm UK time

Full Diploma & CPD points - Working with Children Diploma for Hypnotherapists The Working with Children Diploma for Hypnotherapists is a specialised course designed to equip hypnotherapists with the knowledge & skills necessary to effectively support children & adolescents in managing their emotions & overcoming various challenges. 

This comprehensive diploma covers a range of therapeutic techniques, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, all tailored specifically for a younger audience. 

Course Highlights: - **Child Development & Psychology**: Understand the unique psychological & developmental stages of children & adolescents to tailor interventions appropriately. - **Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques**: Learn age-appropriate hypnotherapy methods to help children manage stress, anxiety & behavioral issues. 

**NLP for Kids**: Apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming strategies to enhance communication & foster positive changes in young clients.

**Ethics and Safeguarding**: Gain an in-depth understanding of ethical considerations & safeguarding practices when working with minors. - **Practical Applications and Case Studies**: Engage in hands-on practice and review case studies to build confidence & competence in real-world scenarios. #### Who Should Enroll: - **Certified Hypnotherapists** looking to specialise in working with children. - **Therapists and Counsellors** who want to incorporate hypnotherapy techniques into their practice with young clients. 

** Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the diploma, participants will be able to: - Confidently conduct hypnotherapy sessions with children and adolescents. - Tailor therapeutic techniques to suit individual developmental needs. - Effectively communicate with young clients & their families. - Address a variety of emotional & behavioral issues using an integrative approach. 

Join our Working with Children Diploma for Hypnotherapists & make a meaningful impact on the lives of young individuals by helping them navigate their emotions & achieve their full potential.



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